Thai Bodywork

Thai massage (“Nuad Bo-ran” or ancient massage) evolved over many centuries incorporating techniques and insights from the healing traditions of China, India and the indigenous tribes of Thailand. It seamlessly integrates joint mobilization, acupressure and supported, intensive stretching (similar to some yoga poses) with rhythmic working of the body’s main energy pathways–called Sen lines in Thailand.

Thai Massage is more dynamic than western style massage. People have described it as “having yoga done for you.” It relaxes, opens and invigorates. Because no oil is used, you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. During a session, depending on your needs, you will lie on your back, side, belly and sitting up.


Receiving Thai massage opens and balances the energy that flows through pathways throughout your body, deeply supporting your internal systems. In general, sessions:
* Promote awareness and deep relaxation
* Invigorate and soothe the nervous system
* Clear the body’s energy pathways
* Encourage the flow of lymph and blood
* Release muscle tension and chronic contractions that cause pain
* Stimulate digestion and elimination
* Help lubricate joints for ease of movement
* Increase flexibility

What is unique about your work?
I work patiently and rhythmically with intention, inviting the unwinding of tensions, listening to what is happening in your body, and exploring edges and deeper layers of tissues with stability and safety but without force. I have continued my studies of Thai Massage well past my initial training, integrating new material and a deepening my ability to work confidently. At the core of my work is the knowledge that the body functions as an integrated whole. As the work progresses, patterns reveal themselves more completely and can be addressed altogether. I first studied Thai Massage at the Old Medicine Hospital in Thailand and have continued my training at the Naga Center for Traditional Thai Medicine in Oregon.