Geoff is certified by the American Society of the Alexander Technique (AmSat), the Chi Nei Tsang Institute and the Traditional Medicine Hospital of Thailand. He has trained in Thailand, Burma, Nepal and India and taught in Auroville, India; Bali, Indonesia; San Francisco, CA; and, New York City. Born in New York’s Hudson Valley, Geoff has a degree in philosophy from Wake Forest and studied literature at Oxford University in England.

He was a founder of the Ransom Corp. Performance Collective in New York City. He brings to his private practice and workshops a background in athletics (baseball, football, basketball, long distance running and track), performance (dance, poetry, master of ceremonies), creative writing, housepainting and the meditative arts. Through applying the Alexander Technique and Chi Nei Tsang, he recovered from chronic back pain, the impacts of typhoid fever and longstanding imbalances from four surgeries during his teens–two abdominal and two on his legs. His work is highly attuned to the unique needs and goals of every person. His classes and workshops are lively and creative, integrating Alexander Technique awareness practices, chi gong, meditation, ecology and poetry. Geoff currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.